Save the Housing Stablization Fund!

The Toronto city budget is being discussed right now and it includes a major cut to help poor people get and keep housing.

The HSF replaced the Community Start-Up Benefit when the Liberals eliminated it. The money is supposed to help people obtain or keep housing. Many women fleeing domestic violence, homeless people, people leaving institutions like hospitals and jails, or people facing other housing crises rely on this money to get housing. This can literally be a matter of life and death for some people.

The City has been denying people access to the money and now says that the fund is under-used and so it should be cut. This is bull-shit!

If you live in Toronto, tell your counselor to fight the cut!

If you don’t live in Toronto, tell our counselors to stop the cut!

Click here to get your City Counsellor’s contact information.

For regular updates, check the OCAP site.

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City Counselor contact

Ontario Coalition Against Poverty