Roundtable: Radical Disability Politics

Routledge Handbook of Radical Politics Cover. Enlarged piece of tree bark with small amount of moss growing in it.Liat Ben-Moshe and I were lucky enough to edit a round table on disability politics a while ago and it came out recently in the book Routledge Handbook of Radical Politics which is edited by Ruth Kinna and Uri Gordon. There are an amazing group of contributors: Lydia X. Z. BrownLoree Erickson, Rachel da Silveira Gorman, Talila A. LewisLateef McLeod and Mia Mingus

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I also have another chapter in the book: “Fighting to Win: Radical Anti-poverty Organising.” It talks about anti-poverty organizing in general but also draws a lot on what we have learned in the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty about anti-poverty organizing.