Transformative Justice And/As Harm

front heart

Zine cover: broken heart fabric pin on red fabric

This is a zine I wrote about transformative justice in 2014 but have been shy to put it online until now.

If you are looking for a how-to or the answers to your questions, this isn’t it. How-to transformative justice guides do exist but I am very skeptical of them because there is no magic formula for this work. It also probably asks more questions that it answers. But I try to give a thoughtful critique of my own role in trying to do TJ work and my the ways that I have unintentionally caused harm while trying to create justice.

Also, this zine is really long and might be triggering to some people as it is mostly about sexual assault.


Click Here for Transformative Justice And/As Harm

Access: My computer died and I don’t have the original files. So, the one with the cover is a flat pdf and screen readers can’t read it. The other version doesn’t have a cover and the table of contents is obnoxious to read with a screen reader (sorry, I can’t figure out how to change it). But once you get to page 2, you are good to go.

Click here for Transformative Justice And/As Harm – screen reader version