Not Searching for a Cure

Contrary to what may people believe, many disabled people do not want a cure.

In fact, many disabled people actively resist funding going to cure their disabilities. If you are not disabled, this may be really difficult to understand. If you aren’t disabled, imagine for a moment that you live in poverty, that you cannot get a job even though you are qualified and you want one because no one will hire you, that most public spaces and almost all private homes are inaccessible to you and that every year millions of dollars are raised and spent so that you can be cured while you get little or no support to live you life and to combat disablism.

If you are disabled, you know probably  this situation very well. You also know how it feels to constantly have your entire existence undermined and devalued by the pursuit to ensure that people like you will not exist.

However, disability will always exist and is an inevitable part of life. So why spend billions of dollars trying to eradicate it when the project to accommodate disabled people and help provide people with adequate standards of living is far less expensive and far more humane.

This is not to say that disabled people should not be able to access medical care.