Being An Ally

Non-disabled individuals must become allies. They must become personally committed to supporting disable people, to helping us have a place at the table, to have our ideas respected, to make things accessible for everyone, and to call people on their shit. It is the role of the ally to educate oneself and others, to take […]

Shocking into Compliance: Why Tasers Aren’t the Answer to Police Shootings

Trigger warning: this post contains a discussion about police brutality, police killings, white supremacy and psychiatric violence. Note: by tragic coincidence, just one hour after I put this post up on my website, El Cajon police shock and killed Alfred Olango.  Alfred was a Black Ugandan refugee with mental health issues.  He was in mental […]

Disabling Trans: Political Implications and Possibilities of Constructions of Trans as a Disability

Within the trans community, trans activists and authors have discussed the construction of trans (trans/transgender/transsexual/two-spirit/genderqueer) to identify as a disability at length. There are a number of important reasons this issue has been taken up, from theoretical issues about identity construction to access to anti-discrimination protection and medical interventions. This is an ardently debated issue […]